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GreenheArt, Emotional Space

A hymn to nature that blends with the culture and the arts to give us a better quality of life. This is in short GreenheArt, the new Emotional Space inaugurated at the end of March, which next summer will occupy the spaces with art exhibitions and cultural events. 

The Vivai Marino Favilla, supported by MVIVA, has created GreenheArt: an innovative concept in which the interaction between the individual, the green and the contemporary arts becomes a daily lifestyle, a way to switch off from stress and routine to find balance in a place designed for people.

The design concept of the Emotional Space was conceived and designed by Domenico Raimondi of ThesignLab and for the whole summer will host the paintings by the artist Christian Balzano, the sculptures of the Korean Choi Yook Sook, the artistic glasses by Bruno Pedrosa and Simone Crestani, the photographs by ,Riccardo Bagnoli and will start an interesting program of meetings, book presentations and interdisciplinary performances.

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