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A theme that becomes a journey, discovery, knowledge, emotion: the dream.
Some of the great protagonists of contemporary art reveal themselves through intimate, visionary works.

In a remarkable place: the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome.
With eyes open or shut, by night or day, kept secret or made real: an exhibition about desires, expectations, fantasies and exorcized fears. An exhibition that allows spectators to give shape to their own dreams.
The exhibition, curated by Danilo Eccher, considers the dream as an element of reflection, of discovery, as a private expression, as a gateway into the deepest space of the soul.
Site-specific works alternate with works redesigned for the spaces of the Chiostro del Bramante, in a sequence that turns into one big story, thanks partly to the direct involvement of the artists. The exhibition itinerary is imagined as an experience that leads the public from the darkest zones to the meditative dimension and on to the heavenly spaces of the soul.

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