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“….the Illuminating Gas”

At the Hangar Bicocca Milan until february, 23 a selection of twenty-four works, earlier sculptures, complex monumental installations, and new productions, offering visitors a unique synesthetic experience.

Conceived as a harmonious composition of light, energy, and sound, “….the Illuminating Gas” is the largest-ever solo exhibition by the welsh artist  Cerith Wyn Evans.

Cerith Wyn Evans’s research focuses on language and perception, on the potential of the word and the communication, questioning our very notion of reality.In their elegance and formal balance, his works draw on a complex body of references and quotations, from literature, music, philosophy, photography, poetry, art history, astronomy and science, that are declined into new forms through an articulate process of transformation.

This operation takes place both through the use of textual materials that are decontextualized and translated into a language of light, for example, in the form of neon signs, fireworks or light …

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