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Lights in the castle

“CidneOn – International Light Festival”, held in Brescia Castle is the first festival of light-art with this formula in Italy and the only one in the world to be completely held in a castle; it is also part of ILO (International Light Festival Organisation), the network that connects the most important international light festivals. In February 2017, the first edition of “CidneOn – Festival Internazionale delle Luci” was a great success, which was confirmed in the second edition thanks to the combination of the creativity of the artists and the unique settings of the Brescia Castle, the largest urban fortress in Europe.  The third edition of CidneOn honours Italy with light art installations, video shows and live performances that tell the story of people, places, symbols of an unlimited history of art and beauty.
A special homage, through some of the main installations, will be dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci, on the five hundredth anniversary of his death, creatively exploring th…

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