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The charm of the creative landscape

For a dip in the world of wine and art, a visit to the Langhe in Piedmont. It is here that you can find the right combination of contemporary art, history and good taste in the Ceretto company. 160 hectares of vineyards and 4 cellars characterized by spaces dedicated to contemporary art and architecture: the cube, the grape, the artist's house and  the chapel of Barolo.

The Cube
Located in the upper part of Bricco Rocche in Castiglione Falletto, the project aimed to create an architectural landscape which, being completely transparent, is placed like a sculpture in a unique and breathtaking environment. The Cube is a work of art and modern technology placed marked by a seal of tradition and conservation of a masterpiece of nature, the Barolo. The use of frameless glass, in order not to obstruct the view, allows the complete indulgence of the surrounding landscape. This Bricco winery is currently located in the geographical center of Barolo.

The Grape
Reflects the spirit of Ceretto,…

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