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It's harvest time, it's wine time.

We have selected the structures from north to south which we believe in addition to good drinking have the architectural beauty, ancient or modern, the cellar is a magical place to visit. In every point of Italy there is wine and where there is wine there is friendship.

LES CRETES - Located in Aymavilles at  600 m a.s.l. (2000 ft), the Refuge of the wine is Les Crêtes tasting room. A place to take a break, in the wonderful frame of Valle d’Aosta mountains, tasting hancrafted, quality wines. _________________________________________________________________________________

TRAMIN WINERY - Near Bolzano The Gewürztraminer winery. Constantly permeated by light, gazing at valleyand the green arms that perfectly surround the vineyards and watching over the changing of the seasons. _________________________________________________________________________________

CASTELLO DI MONTE VIBIANO VECCHIO - Staying green and in continuous eco-sustainable research, this is the mood of the Tenuta di Mont…

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