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In primo piano

Initially it was a refrigerator

It was Smeg who introduced us to our dream refrigerator. Or at least it happened to me that still have a Smeg on the list of my unattainable desires.
 It was SMEG, Italian company known all over the world, the first to make appliances that were also truly beautiful furnishing accessories.  Rounded soft lines, inspired by the '50s that focus entirely on colors.  Pastel, soft, lively, decorated (see last photo↔️ "majolica"), artistic. This trend of mixing beauty and utility dates back to the 90s. The trend of having (or wanting) a beautyfridge, skincarefridge, makeupfridge or beautycooler is more recent: a smaller fridge in which to store cosmetics, especially skincare (see some examples in photos).
If you try searching for these HT (words with #) on Instagram, you will find many accounts of recently born companies and you will find many of these items on Amazon, eBay and some skincare companies sell their own.
Many undeniably took inspiration from Smeg for colors, stylisti…

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