Aqueous Fluoreau by Mark Mawson

The breathtaking series Aqueous Fluoreau is the most recent body of work by photographer Mark Mawson, a nominees for the London Photography Award 2012.
Mawson's first inspiration for the series came the simple act of pouring milk into a cup of coffee. From this typically irrelevant moment, he developed an imaginary universe of shapes and colours.

The images capture the moment when paint drops into water; the result is a hypnotizing visual journey. Organic shapes resembling biological organisms in motion explode with abundance of colours.

'This new series is all about the colour and vibrancy of life,' Mawson says. The images captivate imagination with their almost sculptural and yet impalpable qualities.

Aqueous Fluoreau works like a marvellous variant of an Inkblot test, where everyone can see whatever imagination calls for. 'Fluoreau' is a play with the words 'fluo' and 'eau' (French for 'water'), while evoking thoughts of 'fleur' (French for flower).

                                          (Images courtesy Mark Mawson.)

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