'anyone and no one'

The Bird

Two new sculptures by american artist Will Ryman are now on exhibition in 'anyone and no one' at Paul Kasmin Gallery in NYC. Both works are massive installations created from reconfigured every-day objects.
 'Bird' has been formed from nails of various lengths  at a towering 12 feet tall. Another sculpture, 'everyman' also employs an extravagant quantity of household items such as paint brushes, bottle caps and 
work boots in order to form the 90 foot figure within the gallery space. due to the sheer size and impact of both sculptures, Ryman's installation has been separated in two parts 'everyman' has taken up residence in 293 tenth avenue location while the 515 w 27th street space boasts the monumental bird, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's poem, 'the raven'.

Will Ryman 
"anyone and no one"

Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York City USA

on now until march 24th

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