Block 11

In the Netherlands, MEI Architecture has designed garages with low environmental impact. Is the case of Block 11.

The development of Block 11, a garage with 413 parking spaces, is part of the expansion of the city centre of Almere-Buiten, characterized by a lot of green and a clear urban structure. At the architectural level many experiments have been made on innovative materialization and new constructions, as also in Block 11. 
The unique facade of the garage contains natural elements, like integrated plant containers with specific plants related to the orientation of the facade
By using a stretch forming technique – commonly utilized in the automotive industry
the perforated facade panels show characteristic images of the province of Flevoland, like birds, windmills, garden gnomes and bird houses. The perforation supplies natural ventilation in the parking garage and creates an open atmosphere, especially at night

Green supply by Copijn garden and landscape architects takes care of the plants on the facade. On each facade there are specific plants based on the orientation of the facade. 

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