Inhabitando by Luisa Alvarez

"In this particular project, we borrowed an abandoned house for some hours, and
using its rooms among other elements that we came across, made it inhabited with light. In order to give the house some life, we chose light, color and hundreds of silhouettes of people that emerge from various rolls of recycled negatives. From the beginning, we or take advantage of the natural light coming in through the windows, and to play with that light. Besides allowing us to experiment, this idea was used as a starting point to inhabit little by little the space and in doing so, develop and bring to fruition what in the end would be the focus of the project. There was one room in the house whose walls were burned and totally desolate. Here we decided to create using faces and color, furnishings that

are just as indispensable in a home as chairs and brighten it up. For a while, I’ve been experimenting with used, disposable, photographic materials imprinted with silhouettes of people and this idea appeals to me enormously. I thought that it would be ideal to use here and it could give the meaning of personal and human concept that I was looking for in this project. At the same time, the vitality that is transmitted from the colors of the negatives of which it is composed together with the good translucent qualities that it possesses cause it to have a very suggestive and versatile behavior in the presence of light. This is how it all began." 

Issue nr 2_2011

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