Satoshi Hirose, Winter Garden

Plastic caps and golden beans for “nine years of existence”. That is what the Island of life, composed by Satoshi Hirose since 2001, is made of. A collection of caps from plastic bottles consumed in nine years forming a pile of recyclable materials, everyday materials against a small niche of hidden golden beans. The base supporting the recycle mountain is oversize as an art object: the visitor enjoys it in its entirety, having the chance of going round it, but, in the same time, is hindered from imagining it as a “sculptural host” of a space. The common thread in all of Satoshi’s installations is their “unsolved” but positive size, able to build a relationship with the viewer, putting him at ease by following the sensorial interaction at which the work aims. 
Around the Island there are pictures of everyday activities closed in a piece of chance reality: that of “situations and objects of no use”. A bit of Palomar’s life. The images unfold like in a Montage of Attractions without narrative time, that is the core of the plastic and gold Island in front of them. The day-to-day accumulation is contrasted with the chance fragment of the instant, and that with respect to the “manifold” nature of the expressive process of Satoshi Hirose’s art.


The Winter Garden exhibition can be visisted at Galleria Maria Grazia Del Prete in Rome, Italy, until 24 March.

Galleria Maria Grazia Del Prete
Via Di Monserrato 21 
00186 Roma

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