Summer tree, "From the roots to the future"

"Man is like a tree and in his every winter, spring levitates bringing new leaves and new vigour" (Vasco Pratolini)

1st Art Photography Competition
City of Gubbio

4aMagazine has launched an international photography competition entitled "Summer Tree, from the roots to the future."
The contest is divided into four categories and is open to professional, emerging and amateur photographers, and there is also a section for artistic photography (with pictorial modification by the artist).
25 photographers for each section will be selected and their works will be exhibited in a collective show taking place in July in the city of Gubbio.
At the conclusion of this, the winners of each section will be awarded by a competent jury, whereas visitors will be voting for their favourite one of all categories.
The theme was chosen for its closeness with the winter event "Christmas Tree, l'albero d'artista", celebrating the tree as a work of art. Famous for hosting the largest Christmas tree in the world, the City of Gubbio is seat of the Associazione Nazionale Centri Storici (the Italian association of historical centres) and it is located in a unique natural landscape which has always been inspiring photographers from all over the world.
Furthermore, it is meaningful the choice of the "tree" for its capability to produce metaphors and suggestions.
The exhibition will start on Wednesday, July 18 in the space "Gli Arconi" and will be open to
public until Sunday, August 26, ending with the awarding of the photographers chosen by a competent jury and the public who visited the exhibition.
The exhibition is intended to be a meeting occasion with live painting demonstrations taking place for the entire duration of the event.
The deadline for submissions is 30/04/2012. 


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