Cities within the city

FESTARCH, the International Architecture Festival, is pleased to announce that the fourth edition of the event will be held in Perugia from 7th to 10th June, confirming Umbria as an ideal place for hosting the task force of culture and thought that will inspire the event.

«Cities within the city», the topic of the fourth edition, will be discuss by a young generation of architects together with some of the world-famous personalities of the urban and architectural contemporary debate and a selected group of sociologists, writers, representatives, photographers and journalists. They will share their knowledge and experiences with a multidisciplinary approach aimed at involving citizens in the current topics, for understanding the nature of the contemporary metropolis in all its facets: from opportunity to conflicts.

The topic «Cities within the city» refers to the multiplying – within the cities – of urban places like economic and social closed systems, suspended between a condition of self-sufficiency and one of social and spatial exclusion. Each year, each month, many tiny cities are born inside the consolidated city: favelas, slums, bidonvilles, townships, informal settlements, but also health, technology or cultural districts, entire districts settled after big events. New towns, gated communities, Roma temporary camps… and other inward-looking and self-sufficient architectures (stations, airports, parking lots), commercial and military areas. From Perugia FESTARCH will lead the audience to a journey through the most important realities of the world: São Paulo, Rome, Mumbai, Medellin, Nairobi, Moscow, Beijing, Baghdad, Santiago, Tijuana, Seoul and many more cities.
FestArch is curated by ABITARE magazine.

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