The Other Olympics

An impressive programme of permanent art commissions have been integrated with the high-quality British architecture, design, construction and engineering of the Olympic Park, ranging from bridges and underpasses designed by artists, to planting schemes, security fences and large-scale facades. 
These projects demonstrate the ingenuity and imagination that artists have brought to the look and feel of the Park.By integrating arts and culture into the Park’s public spaces, London 2012’s aim has been to achieve a unique area that will give existing local communities a sense of ownership, attract new businesses and create an area where new communities will want to live – as well as make east London a world-class visitor destination.There’s a wide range of imaginative and inspiring art and culture installations across the Olympic Park.
Before the holidays we will focus on art, architecture and design of the London Olympics.

RUN by Monica Bonvicini

Internationally-renowned artist Monica Bonvicini has designed a flagship artwork for the Copper Box in the Olympic Park. The artist has created three nine-metre tall letters forming the word ‘RUN’,made of mirrored glass and mirrored stainless steel. In daylight, the letters will act as a mirror for visitors and reflect their surroundings, and at night the letters will become more transparent and glow with complex internal LED lighting.

Monica Bonvicini’s inspiration for the work comes from musical references such as ‘Running Dry’ by Neil Young and the Velvet Underground song ‘Run Run Run’, which have also influenced her previous work. Inspired by the many uses of the Park, it was a natural choice to return to these works and the word ‘run’ for this permanent landmark.

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