Hotel Continental, the luxury comes from 60’s

The last stage of modernisation of the Continental Hotel In the city of Brno in Czech Republic is taking place, within which extensive underground garages with 80 parking spaces are being constructed, along with three more congress premises, and the overall area and the park in front of the hotel are landscaped.
The Continental Hotel is an important work of architecture from the beginning of the 1960s; it is classed as a representative of the avant-garde artistic movement known as the Brussels style. The building was constructed, following the designs of architects ZDENĚK ŘIHÁK, VLADIMÍR KOVAŘÍK and ALOIS SEMELA, on a plot of land created due to the demolition of buildings between the streets of Veveří and Lidické, where the oldest working class colony in the Habsburg monarchy used to be situated.
The atypical, three-arm layout of the hotel building resulted from that fact that this important plot of land, with its unique legacy to the history of Brno architecture, was not very large. The three-arm layout had one more advantage, which was not insignificant; it allowed the connection of short passages and two sided rooms to one vertical connecting knot, which means that all rooms enjoy a lot of daylight.
The Corbusier style colossus rests on monolithic reinforced iron beams, and originally it was to serve as a standard tourist hostel, but during the construction of the building the opinions on its future use changed, just like its names - the original taciturn name, the Elevated Hotel, was changed to Tempo, followed by Brno, Sport and only in 1963 it was named the Continental. Finally, it became a luxury international hotel for foreign guests as especially during the time of the Brno Trade Fair it was essential to ensure sufficient accommodation facilities for visitors to the town.

After thirty years of operation it was necessary to start with a gradual reconstruction of the hotel; the first phase consisted of complete renovation of the outside of the building, including balconies, windows were replaced and new bathrooms were installed in all rooms. In the next stage, the reception, café and restaurant on the ground floor were renovated.Over a period of time it became necessary to complete the construction of the congress and social premises with all necessary facilities. 18 Superior rooms were completely reconstructed and 10 brand new Design rooms were created on the 12th floor for guests seeking quiet, comfortable and modern rooms with superb views over Brno.Even though the Continental has undergone many demanding changes, thanks to the sensitive approach during the reconstruction and thanks to preserving its rare original architectural features, the hotel has been included on the list of historical buildings in the Czech Republic and it was declared a cultural heritage site in 2009.



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