The Wind of 70's

Let’s start our trip in the fabulous 70’s! It’s impossible to forget the years of colours, experimentation, dreams,poetry,  freedom and transgression. With this post we want to give you a little bit of that magic atmosphere.

armchair 4801 (photo
One of the most representative 70’s designer  in Italy was Joe Colombo.
since 1963 he devotes himself to the industrial design for a mass-production.
By experimenting new materials and using most advanced technologies, he creates a kind of "machines for living", habitat of the future: multi-function mobile units, like "VISIONA 1","TOTAL FURNISHING", "ROTO-LIVING","CABRIOLET-BED" and "MINI-KITCHEN".
He has been awarded in many prizes and quoted in selections: In-Arch award for a Hotel's fitting-out ; at the XIII Triennale, one gold medal for the "ACRILICA" lamp and two silver medals for "COMBI-CENTER" and "MINI-KITCHEN" respectively; the "COMPASSO D'ORO" for the "SPIDER" lamp and the air-conditioner "CANDYZIONATORE"; the International Design award for the "COUPE" and "SPRING"lamps; the Tecnhotel Award for the "UNIVERSALE" chair and the S.M.A.U.award for the "BOBY" trolley. (
An 70’s icon was certainly the Kartell armchair 4801 designed in 1965 by this genius of creativity died prematurely when he was 41 years old. This object is also famous for being the only piece produced by Kartell made entirely of wood.

An icon of 70’s everyday life was the Mangiadischi: thanks to it people could listen their favourite music anywhere. It was produced in all colors and it was powered electric current. It was put away when the production of old 45s ended. In Italy the most famous brand producing the Mangiadischi was Brionvega.

In the fabulous 70’s we dreamed to the tune of Hotel California of the Eagles...

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