Ecomondo, a real “Sustainable city” is waiting for you…

Ecomondo is a benchmark for Italian and European companies that see environmental-friendliness as the key to competitiveness and the perfect challenge for their business. This edition sees a brand new DEMO AREA where the best performance of this machinery can be demonstrated in the WESTERN car park of the Trade Fair.
Ecomondo 2012 sees the presence of the CIC certified biodegradable and compostable bioplastic materials supply chain, which is currently one of the best opportunities to boost the Italian chemical industry inspired by the environmental sustainability of processes and products.
This year the famous project “Città Sostenibile”, linked with Ecomondo, has changed format. A genuine ideal city has been recreated in halls B7-D7, at the Eastern Entrance, featuring the best applications for energy efficiency.
“Città Sostenibile” was born in 2007 and promoted by Ecomondo in collaboration with eAmbiente. Started as an exhibition of sustainable projects in the italian and european cities, this year it has become a real city to live in. It has sustainable mobility, energy saving, smart grids (energy, data and waste management), sustainable buildings and infrastructure with the requalification of our territory and culture, like the natilnal culinary culture.
In 6000sqm is presented a prototype of city where all the components talk to each other respecting the environment: gardens, trees, the "bio-lake", recreation areas, playgrounds, the meeting room "Agorà": a complete structure covered in green and symbol of the community. The km0 restaurant, electrical hubs, coworking area, a shared space with collaborative management: desks, Wi-Fi, networking, media area, lounge bar and much more!

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