Fratelli Gugliermetto, the design temptations

Founded in 1966 by the Fratelli Gugliermetto, Gufram, with the Alvar chair designed by Giuseppe Raimondi, started its production of designer objects, which subsequently involved artists such as Piero Glardi and designers such as Mendini, Pettena, Lazzeroini, documents and prototypes by whom are displayed in the exhibition. In 2012 the Fratelli Gugliermetto have opened Gugliermetto Fratelli multipli Experience, a laboratory for experimenting ideas far from marketing laws. The rules are the same of Gufram style: colors, matter, desire.  The “Kit Creativo” collection is the natural prosecution of their story with emotional sittings which entice the childlike and pleasure-lover side of people. The sittings are realized with foam rubber waste in favour of sustainability.
Gufram was born as a brand of the creative lab for modern furniture production of the Fratelli Gugliermetto, active seat and chairs makers since 1952, in Grosso, Torino. Influenced in the early '60s avant garde artistic culture in Torino and the radical architectural experimentation of those years, the Gugliermetto brothers began to study with the support of emerging artists and architects of the time new forms and new materials to use in production of design projects.

Their sculptural art objects, which transform anti-design in design, show the many influences of pop art, conceptual art, illusionism, naturalism and modern design.


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