Koukjian, world’s biggest Jewell case

In Beirut City Centre SOMA arcitects studio has realized  Koukjian jewelry store. This unique location is a long and narrow open space, made to recall a white and luxury Jewell case. An important material is the high-tech surface, used to create exceptional jagged effects for the wall cladding through parametric software. The whole jewelry store is enveloped by a DuPont™ Corian® white cloud which, together with lights positioned among the vertical bands, gives to the location a surprising visual effect and expresses jewels elegance.
SOMA is an international amalgamation of a young and highly developed workforce spanning several nationalities, founded in New York in 2003. Mexico City and Beirut subsidiaries subsequently opened in 2006 and 2009 respectively and ensured around the clock success of projects of all scales.
It constantly attempts to extend the boundaries of architectural design while incorporating craft, digital technologies, and environmental responsibility. It is this ability to work in the virtual space of organizational tools, while deploying concrete structures, materials, and spaces that places SOMA at the cutting-edge of architectural practice.

Source: soma-architects.com

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