Nabana no Sato dressed by light

Nabana no Sato botanical garden has been transformed into a light theme park of cosmic proportions. Located on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana this incredible garden has nabbed the title of “best light show in the country”. Millions of LED lights have been used to create illuminated hedgerows, tunnels and trees. One installation replicates Mt. Fuji, the iconic strato-volcano in Japan.
Each year the botanical gardens light up their grounds over the holidays. The displays begin in November and run until the end of March. This year, the theme is "nature," so  they're using LEDs, which consume far less electricity than other bulbs.
The most recognized attraction of the park is the light tunnel, consisting of thousands small floral lights that can glow in different shades, enveloping the park visitors with his warm tones as they pass through.

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