The Old Slim NY Times, a “lamp without lamp”

If you are looking for an original Christmas gift let’s have a look at this “lamp without lamp”! Its name is Old Slim NY Times and is produced by the Italian brand “LAMUR” in a glossy plexiglass with eco bulbs.
It’s able to make light without visible bulbs: it’s not science fiction, it’ s the new design frontier. Light,
in this lamp, is produced by led and eco bulbs and given out by the laser cutting vertical plate: so it’ s functional and also beautiful as a contemporary art work.
LAMUR lights are objects of essential design with sophisticated composition. They are part of the decorative lighting category and, thanks to their laser cutting, each time take on different, and even complex, shapes that allow light passage which appears to arise from the wall.
The “LAMUR Collections " are renewed and integrated as is necessary for a fashionable product, therefore in relation to shape, material and color trends.
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