We are entering the final months of 2012 and, thinking about the “word” to dwell on during November, I have decided to allow some latitude to a message of hope and positiveness.

This period is so chaotic in every sectors that we need a real transformation.
So I’ve found the key word: TRANSFORMATION. In this word I have read so many passages and stories…as the deep transformation of a country in a state of crisis, that one of a person who is creating, the past which becomes future and, it could seem banal but it isn’t, the transformation of an object into something to use again.
I think that transformation is deeply connected with the freedom to express a natural evolution due to human creativity and it’ s something fundamental during the economic recessions.
We ourselves are going through a change and for this reason we don’t back out.

So, let’s give a free rein to creativity: from the old buildings transformed into new locations to the recovered sculptures. A jump into the future crossing through the past!

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