Chris Mynard, the birds wisperer

"Feathers are structural wonders, serving many functions. they also suggest important universal themes. feathers are my medium”: these are Chris Mynard words, the artist who makes his art works using eye surgery scissors, forceps, scalpels, and magnifiers to cut and carve feathers lost by different birds. By applying various techniques spanning the disciplines of art, design and craft Maynard carefully sculpts mini dioramas of the flying creatures. He made his first feather artwork two years ago in 2011. Since then the 58 year old artist has created 80 pieces which can take up to several days at a time, before mounting them onto frames known as shadowboxes.
maynard says of his work: ”The best way to see feathers is on birds. But an image of a single feather gives a different perspective of the bird's form, beauty, and function. Nature creates here. I just provide design and the right lighting.”
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