Epic, fable like photography by Ma Liang

 Liang, also known as Maleonn (1972 Shanghai), is a talented Shanghai photographer who blends traditional Chinese mythology and contemporary life. His photographs  in color and black and white, are often created with props, actors and a strange mix of hues, colors and theatrical sets to convey to the public a fable allure. He is a graduate of the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University where he studied graphic design. After working in film for advertising for 10 years he decided to pursue his own art practice. His works have been exhibited and collected throughout Asia, American and Europe including at the Victoria & Albert Museum London.
To compose his incredible scenes he usually spends 2-3 days. He adjusts the scenery again and again. When the photography is finished he has to destroy the whole scene he has created as he only had one large table. It's really painful but he describes how he "tasts the painful feeling of existence that could never be duplicated in photography." About his art works Ma Liang says: "I'm trying to use my own way to reorganize this age in my eyes. I'm dancing with the music of the times exaggeratedly and ludicrously, even a little artificial. But, that is our irresistible fate. All that is just the plastic feeling surface. During the process of building up the work, what supports me is still the self-thinking and inspections towards the human being as an individual.
My work is my inner world".Sources: culturekiosque.com; Maleonn.com

Sources: culturekiosque.com; Maleonn.com

Epic, fable like photography by Ma Liang - Maleonn

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