Matsumoto Restaurant, a spot of romanticism in Beijing

Matsumoto Restaurant is a Japanese food chain store brand in China. This time, they invited the famous Taiwan designer Lee Hsuhang to conduct the design of the Matsumoto in Beijing: the result is a restaurant which adheres to a combination of Japanese and Chinese with a space of  600m2 and materials from wood for tables, chairs, partitions and breathing perniknya. Besides lighting using lights were dim with the design adopted in the 1940s, giving the impression of calm and romantic.
Inside, the lights create a sense of magnificence and fashion. Outside, the exterior wall, decorated by multi-layer boards Clifford Japanese timber, does not only provide a fantastic visual experience, but also presents to customers a unique space in the Restaurant to pray for blessings. The customers can write their wishes to futures in the boards, both roommates brings the customers an expectation of Realizing their wishes, and also it Becomes an engagement between Matsumoto Restaurant and customers.
The designer embodies the miniature of China’s harmonious society with the project. The unique design shall also produce more established customers to the Restaurant, roommates well expresses the designer’s belief shall show good design its own commercial value.;

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