Tang Yao Hoong negative spaces

Tang Yao Hoong is a young artist who has achieved the attention of public opinion all over the world with his simple graphic illusions. But who is this young man and what is the secret of his success? Hoong is an artist, illustrator and self-taught illustrator born and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is best known for his understanding of negative space. His illustrations are mostly conceptual, surreal and minimalist. He builds fairy little worlds rich in chromatic contrast, objects which transform while you are looking them. We can say that this young artist is able to develop such a form of visual poetry which fascinates spectators. He said about himself that “The art of negative space is an attempt to tell a story through illustration”. Tang Yau Hoong has mastered the art of negative space, infusing whimsy and movement into his work. Each piece delivers not one but two separate scenarios for the viewer—the primary image around which the message is constructed, and the alternative perspective in the negative space that brings a new layer of complexity and profundity to each composition.

To see more about his art works: tangyauhoong.com

Sources: enpundit.com; tangyauhoong.com

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