Temporary drawings. The art of Jim Denevan

Jim Denevan (born 1961) is a man of many talents: he is a land artist, a surfer and a chef. But he’s best known  for his colossal temporary land art, drawing on earth, sand and ice. His sculptures are not placed in the landscape, rather, the landscape are the means of their creation. It seems impossible that his art works are drawn only by a stick, but so it is! The pieces take many hours to create but can often disappear quickly. Jim is also the founder and organizer of a worldwide moveable feat called Outstanding in the Field. Their mission is to re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it. Ingredients for the meal are almost all local (sometimes sourced within inches of your seat at the table!) and generally prepared by a celebrated chef of the region. After a tour of the site, people settle in: farmers, producers, culinary artisans, and diners sharing the long table.
In sum, Jim Denevan is an artist deeply linked with nature and all his expressions tell about it…

To know more about his works and the project Outstanding in the field: jimdenevan.com

Sources: twistedsifter.com; thisiscolossal.com

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