The First Cut, the extraordinary world of paper

Until sunday 27 January 2013 at the Manchester Art Gallery there is a world of incredible carved paper which is waiting for you. In fact the exhibition “The first Cut” shows 31 international artists who cut, sculpt and manipulate paper, transforming this humble material into fantastical works of art.
Wonder at giant sculptures inspired by far away galaxies that spiral from the wall, explore a walk-through forest of paper trees and marvel at miniature worlds that explode from vintage staple boxes or emerge from the page of a book.
Flocks of birds and butterflies cut from maps appear alongside artworks that feature dark fairytale imagery. Guns and grenades fashioned from paper currency and sinister silhouettes comment on social, political and economic issues.
At the 
Gallery of Costume fragile paper dresses and shoes, as well as sculptural dresses fashioned out of maps and money respond to the historical costume displays and grandeur of the Georgian setting.

You can also buy highly desirable limited edition work from the exhibition
The First Cut: Editions, on the ground floor of Manchester Art Gallery. 


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