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Italian Excellence : in this issue

There are meetings that take place unconsciously, but they determine the union of similar visions in just a moment. Eclectic, showy, euphoric, a little bizarre, Fabrizio Fraboni Baroni wants immediately to make
clear that for him architecture is art, emotion, passion, and that there is not always a cold business exchange behind appearances. From his words we soon realize the absolute value he gives to art and architecture, and makes of it a lifestyle and a mission in life . Partner of Archea Associati and architect by profession, he works in Italy and abroad traveling between the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and Europe. His activity has broadened his vision of cultures and places and the relationship with such different populations and his Italian roots have widened that sensitivity that he transfers in his job.

“Architecture is an art that has a social responsibility because it determines the way people interact, feel alive, satisfied and proud of their city and of their nation.” he says. He is aware that today cities do not represent people’s personality: they go beyond history and traditions and have one single style that does not breathe and does not let out the personality that people want to identify with. There are places in the world where the Italian excellence is able to highlight creativity and elegance. It is the case of those countries located between the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, that have felt the need to look westwards. Among these countries the United Arab Emirates are the most famous ones but countries like Qatar and Oman have opened to trade and cultural exchanges creating new economic alternatives. In the work that the architect Fraboni Baroni is developing in these countries, it is clearly visible the study of the traditions, history and habits that highlight the works by placing them in continuity with the area without any contrast. These are mainly hotels in harmony with the surrounding environment and create an integration of charm, mystery and modernity. Architectural projects that anticipate the future of construction, merge harmony with technology, and create new low-power consumption identities with respect for the environment.

Writer: Paola Butera
Picture: Archea Associati

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