DonCafè House by Innarch

DonCafé House company in Kosova has already presented the second coffee shop as part of planned chain setup across the territory of Kosova and beyond.
This time the coffee shop took place in the city of Peja, Kosova.
The design stays within the first concept of creating an environment which will interpret a feeling like staying inside of a coffee sack filled with coffee grains.
The bigger premise gave our team the chance to play more with the organic shapes thus creating new functional forms. The walls are coated with plywood organic shapes creating seats of different levels.  In the middle of the premise stands an independent “S” shaped seat facing both sides of the premise which helps the whole space communicate better. 

Tables and hanging chandeliers represent the coffee grains lined up asymmetrically in order to generate the impression of being inside a coffee sack.
The premise consists of two organic shaped walls/seats which serve the decorative purpose also the functional one and the one “S” shaped seat in the middle.The front glass wall aside the bar separates the premise from the rest of the shopping mall. This wall was coated with plastic foil coffee grain printed creating thus a visual separation but still not preventing the natural light for the shopping mall.

The bar shape plays an important role too in the functioning of the bar by generating diversities in sorts of coffees and the taste on the menu card. The outer perimeter is coated with a sort of organic layer yielded by the 4cm plywood parts and reflects/depicts the dynamism of the bar itself.  The decorative organic shaped wall behind the bar separates the bar and the kitchen.
The project was accomplished by the 2cm and 4 cm thick plywood material. For the purposes of generating the designed organic shape, the whole plywood material was shaped in CNC machine separately in parts and ultimately assembled.  Each of the plywood elements was designed individually. For the creation of an entire organic shape, each of the elements needs to be designed separately.
The entire premise consists of:
2089 pieces of plywood, each dimensioned, designed, cut and assembled. 

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