ICONS OF POP ART, “then and now”

“I’m having so much fun. The ideal is to do something you want to do, and that’s what I do, I capture icons.” Steve Kaufman

For the first time Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena will host an exhibition dedicated to Pop Art in its exhibition spaces.
Brightly coloured and joyous paintings by great American artists will arrive from America and Vienna to create a vivacious combination with the Formula 1 Championship single-seaters  which characterise theGrand Prix exhibition, ongoing at the MEF since May 3.
This is a double exhibition which embraces the best of classic racing car collections and contemporary art.
Visiting the Museum you can relive the most expressive phases of Formula One, through twenty or so cars which have been carefully selected among those which raced between 1950 and 1994 and those phases traced by the artists who revolutionised the twentieth century from the 1960’s up to today with about forty extremely prestigious works.
The connection between cars and paintings is immediately visible observing the series of Ferraris painted by the famous artist Steve Kaufman in 2006, transferring all the passion he felt for sports cars into his art, with extraordinary results.
However, the exhibition is not limited to paintings which have Ferrari as their theme, but it centres on all the “icons” or the symbols of Pop Art.
The exhibition ICONS OF POP ART, “then and now”, was in fact conceived from the idea of presenting a brief history of Pop Art from its origins to the present in the splendid setting of the MEF. Starting from two great maestros, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, who in the 1960’s indicated a new development of art produced in series, inspired by objects and people from the consumer society, continued with Steve Kaufman’s  reflections, an artist who developed the concept of Neo Pop Art.
He worked alongside Andy Warhol  as his young assistant and elaborated the techniques learnt in the Factory, with the hand embellishment technique, reinterpreting in an intense way the legends of American society from the 1980’s until 2010.  Fifty years later, just how much Pop Art is still  alive can be seen in the works which, still today, propose the symbols celebrated by Warhol as eternal icons of our time.  In this wayRussell Young’s  striking Marilyn comes alive, the communication filtered by Burton Morris’s advertising and the resounding impact which bursts forth from Romero Britto’s  works.The exhibition was Alberto Panizzoli’s idea together with Caterina Tosoni in collaboration with Giovanni Perfetti and Adriana Zini, respectively curator and director of the Museum and is promoted by Fondazione Casa di Enzo Ferrari in collaboration with Diana Vachier, president of American Pop Art Inc and Gerald Hartinger Fine Arts.
Steve Kaufman 
(December 29 1960 – February 12 2010) is the leading artist of the exhibition, he marked the passage of Pop Art to Neo Pop Art, interpreting and perfecting the techniques learnt from Andy Warhol when he was his young assistant in the New York Factory at the end of the 1970’s.
Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena until 04/05/2014

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