GOLA - Art and Science of taste

GOLA is the new art and science exhibition in preparation for 2014. It explores the links between pleasure and nutrition, a fundamental key to understand our relationship with food. We choose what to eat thanks to a combination of innate preferences and innate predispositions to explore our foodscape and learn, thus creating the individual and cultural tastes that allowed us to adapt to life in all kinds of environments. The recent impact on our health of an unprecedented availability of foods, some of which designed to leverage our most basic pleasure mechanisms, has been enormous, and the attempt has just begun to influence more sophisticated physiological and psychological mechanisms to imagine a new education of taste.

Artists have also often explored the pleasures (and displeasures) of the table, and the problems brought about by passing from yesterday’s to tomorrow’s life style. They have often reached similar conclusions, which are sometimes more profound than those of thescientists, and always more moving. That is why, by uniting art and science, the exhibition aims at satisfying the visitors’ curiosity, but also at letting them bring home new stimulating and useful insights.

The exhibition is articulated in five sections. Each section will present from one to three artworks plus videos, images and objects communicating the contents of the most updated researches in science, sociology, anthropology about the given issue.

Cheryl Donegan, Marina Abramovic, Sophie Calle, Ernesto Neto, Anri Sala, Boaz Arad, Gabriella Ciancimino, Jørgen Leth, Sharmila Samant, Martin Parr, Christian Jankowski, Hannah Collins, Marilyn Minter.

Until 12 March 2014
Triennale di Milano

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