Chef Anthony Genovese, Il Pagliaccio

Colours, movements, shapes, ingredients, spices, horizons, emotions, places, respect, all in a circus of flavours.

In the heart of Rome, Via dei banchi vecchi 129, a little restaurant with only eleven tables for an intimate ambient, characterised by elegance and sobriety. A mix between classical and modern, idea and project by the architect Anton Cristell, that makes the culinary experience unique.

This is Il Pagliaccio, a cuisine is refined, unique and unmistakable.

A menu that shows creativity and the experience of a lifetime made by Anthony Genovese, with the fusion of different tastes and flavours.

We meet him in his restaurant. 

Mr Genovese because IL PAGLIACCIO (The clown) is the name of the restaurant?

Is in honor of a painting depicting the image of a clown, a gift my mother. I
s a some emblem of my cooking, sometimes quirky but deeply balanced and mostly autobiographical.

What is your path, where it comes from?
I was born in France  from Italian parents. I started my career as a chef in Côte d'Azur, and then England, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. The love for my origins has always been with me along my career, and after ten years around the world i have arrived.

How did the idea of IL PAGLICCIO?
Arrived in Italy landing at the Hotel Palazzo Sasso in Ravello, Rossellinis the restaurant, where I get my first Michelin star. But in 2003 I started my adventure in the capital, where my idea takes shape ... I wanted to create a unique place for a few, where melt all my experiences around the world, maintaining the traditions. Putting together the creativity and the experience of a lifetime, a combination between East and West, but not limited to, interpret the great Italian tradition in a more light and refined, freeing it from unnecessary technicalities.

What is important in your cooking ?
It 'important to creativity, the play of flavors and colors. 
Contrasts and substance are present in each of my menu, but always and only as mere additions to a culinary technique, which sometimes indulges in experiments, lead to pursuit of a pure sublimation of the art of cooking. All this without forgetting the past, but perform today with innovations that only a great tradition can boast.

Tortelli greens, pistachios and almonds
Thanks Mr Genovese, see you soon.

Paola Butera

IL Pagliaccio is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the heart of Rome, in the frame of the center town, in via dei Banchi Vecchi, near Via Giulia, Piazza Navona and Castel S. Angelo, intimate ambient and furnished with care. The brightness of the Roman days makes it perfect for a business lunch, while the soft glow of the interior makes it the perfect place for a relaxing romantic dinners, all surrounded by a kitchen deeply author, passionate and unusual.

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