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Heart Sofa by Anacleto Spazzapan - Located from Interno 17 - Rome

Fifteen excellence of Italian design come alive Carpe Diem
360° Design: object, lighting, carpets and furniture. 
The style of this exclusive collection is a melange between the artistic movement of futurism, the pop-art and the luxury craftsmanship. 
The idea came about by the inspiration of Pierangelo Monzani to rediscover not only the value of Made in Italy, but also the attention to eco-sustainability and zero impact. A mix of works made with recycled waste materials and natural materials.

Alessandro Munari - Anacleto Spazzapan - Annamaria Di Biccardi - Carlo Pellizzari Cleto Munari - Dario Fò - Davide Aresi - Diego Santanelli - Giacomo Mondini -Giorgio Cattaneo - Giuseppe Lorenzi - Laura Ferrario - Mario Aresi - 
Mimmo Paladino - Pierangelo Monzani - Renzo Nucara 

Tyre Auto by Giacomo Mondini - Located from Interno 17 - Rome

Sheet Metal -Chair back trapeze
by Anacleto Spazzapan
Via Roma, 47 - 24030 Paladina (Bergamo)

Via Simone de Saint Bon 
00195 Roma

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