Light paths in the Royal Palace of Caserta

View of the park towards the Great Falls

From 21 June 2014 onwards the splendid park and gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta will provide the setting for this year's extraordinary new Illuminated Night tour of the Royal Palace - The return to the eighteenth century (Percorsi di Luce nella Reggia" - Il ritorno del Settecento). 

The Fountain of Diana and Actaeon (particular)

The tour marks the return of an event that has enjoyed an enthusiastic response from visitors. The main theme of the 2014 event is the"Eighteenth century" which saw the foundation and construction of one of the most beautiful royal palaces in Europe. The tour explores the majestic avenues of the Italian-style gardens and the winding paths of the English Garden.

Royal Palace of Caserta (internal side)

The main avenue is lit up by glimmering torches and the moment of the "laying of the first stone" is commemorated. After walking along the avenue, visitors will go on a "City sightseeing" bus tour accompanied by eighteenth century music and led by expert art historians. They will be taken as far as the fountain of Diana and Actaeon and from there will walk around the English Garden. By lantern light visitors will learn about the secret Masonic and esoteric meanings that inspired the creation of the garden made at the behest of Queen Maria Carolina. The play of light, the music, the performances by professional actors, and state-of-the-art multimedia techniques will conjure up a magical atmosphere. The trees, natural world and the leading figures of the eighteenth century seem to be once more in our midst to experience and help us relive the glorious past of the Bourbon palace.

Bridge (English Garden)

The tours will continue until October at weekends (see the online timetable).
From 9 to 17 August the garden tours will be held every evening.

Park path

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