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Red Seal Project
We meet in the Umbria Space at new Ex Fatebenefratelli in Perugia and is immediately tune! After a period of foreign experiences is back in his hometown to bring the freshness and the broader view of the design. She is Elisabetta Furin young umbrian designer.

Hello Elisabetta what is your training and how it has evolved?
I born in Perugia  but the events of my life have been developed one after another for coincidences. After high school I moved to Rome, where I majored in Architecture, specializing in industrial design and visual communication. In meantime that I was trying to make my way in the world of design, I have the opportunity  in 2010 to work in one of the best design studios in London working with major brand Italian furnishings, the Doshi Levien Studio. A unique experience that gave me the opportunity to grow and to have a broad perspective in job.

Ramo by Disguincio - Ph Sofia Menconero
Then the choice of returning to Italy, why?
It was a time of great transformation, I wanted to go back to Italy, but the opportunity to work at that time were not satisfactory.I wanted to regain contact with my roots and make available my creativity but I could not find the right stimulus. Here, too, the case came to me. I had a contact with Italian Institute of Design of Perugia, my city, I was offered a professorship in Design and 3d Visualization Rendering, so I embarked on the path of teaching. However, without abandoning my creative soul! Life is full of opportunities and one does not exclude the other.

Mitate Collection - Ph. Sofia Menconero
Is so that you are offered the opportunity to create a line of ceramic with the handicraft sector for the Region Umbria?
Exactly. I have placed my talent, I studied the traditional umbrian ceramics and we've put together twenty-one companies that produced forty-five pieces of household items that return the value of antiques but redesigned in a contemporary way. I have dealt with all the essential aspects of communication, I directed the work of execution, chose the colors, designed the catalog. An experience that involved me emotionally. We have tried to create, together with the Region of Umbria, contemporary objects that could communicate the versatility but also the tradition of our land to give visibility to companies abroad to one of the productive sectors typically Umbrian but that will evolve in other areas of the always local production. An ambitious project so far has seen us in exhibitions in Perugia and Milan, but soon will be exported abroad.

The contemporary banquet - Ph Michele Tortoioli
OK Elisabetta, what do you expect now from the professional world?
for now I dedicate myself to the project "the contemporary banquet" and teaching, always with my design approach, summed in the words "eclectic" and "vision"
I like to get inspiration from different cultural areas and this will make me meet new realities and exploring new horizons, other new opportunities.
I will be here to welcome them with enthusiasm.

Paola Butera


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