Sensational McCurry

“The meaning of a journey lies both in its route and in its arrival”

The pictures of Steve McCurry, most of which are unpublished, and the others of Umbria taken from his personal archive, are the contents of the exhibition “Sensational Umbria”, which will be held in Perugia from March 29th to October 5th 2014. The exhibit features the journeys that the artist made in Umbria on different occasions, during which he remained captivated by its wonders of the past and the ability of its inhabitants to live in the present. “A land rich in time: Steve McCurry’s pictures provided an insight of the thousand-year old experience of the people who live, work or visit Umbria, through images. The pictures enable you to experience an interpretation of the Umbrian identity that is the truthfulness of its values.

The exhibition is sponsored and organized by the Umbria Region, in harmony with the Municipality of Perugia and it is largely located in the former “Fatebenefratelli” spaces, newly improved and opened for this particular occasion, whereas another selection of the pictures will be shown in the Museum of the “Palazzo della Penna” (Sala delle Lavagne di Beuys).
This fascinating land rich with emotions of the past, present and future; the new exhibition site and an innovative space are all elements that have definitely drawn one of the experts of the international photography into the “Sensational Umbria” project.
Such a journey could be difficult to imagine without the visual and visceral medium of photography to capture these moments. During his travel experiences in Umbria, Steve McCurry was able to communicate human emotions, realities, values and questions of the past, present and future through his photography.

The exhibition is still in Perugia until 
October 5, 2014

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