The sixth continent

Inaugurated on 29 May and visible until November 2014, "The sixth continent" is a colorful installation which characterizes every corner of the center of Bergamo: from the external facade to the streets, in the columns up to the ceilings and escalators. 7,000 big works in plastic, six species of animals (snails, frogs, meerkats, wolves, swallows, angel fish). 
The exhibition hosted by the OrioCenter, Friday, September 12 at 17 will attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. 
The record to which the event is a candidate is that of the "largest display of Cracking Art ever held in a shopping center." 
All the works, that are in Oriocenter symbolically refugees to escape pollution and climate change, are signed by Cracking Art Group, the avant-garde movement composed by Renzo Nucara, Marco Veronese, Carlo Rizzetti, Alex Angi, Kicco and William Sweetlove.

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