Shapes, design and originality

A perfect mix for the new glasses of Catuma
We have already spoken in the past of Catuma, new Italian brand for glasses.Four questions to the communications manager, to learn more about this innovative company.

How was the Catuma brand born?
The brand was founded by the incessant search for perfection and innovation in constant evolution, the desire for novelties and experimenting with materials not usually intended for eyewear; it comes from constantly challenging, the desire to get involved and give free vent to our creative ‘madness’.
Glasses nowadays are among the most popular ‘made in Italy’ accessories in the world, what sets you apart from the competition?Catuma is a story of great passion, great study of materials and applied design. We want to represent what is unique about our Country: excellence, style, history and craftsmanship, but above all, its exclusivity and we do this by combining master craftsmanship with the mixture of styles, materials made in Italy and ever changing colours. Each item is composed of an unusual mix of these elements, but when created, they follow the rules of environmental sustainability.

A mix of materials: stone, wood, carbon fibre; where does the need for unusual materials emerge from?
The members of our creative staff all come from different sectors, from the world of fashion and accessories, from the world of mechanical engineering and of course from the world of optics. The brand Catuma takes its name from the main square of Andria, the birthplace of the founder. For Catuma, ideas are never rejected but are expressed through many roads leading to the same square, thus creating unique collections, resulting from an unusual approach and constant research, as in the case of the collection that has just been launched, based on the mix of carbon fiber and steel, paired with stone and wood veneers. The details are also fundamental: the musetti for example are covered in soft, recycled suede or leather bags. It’s an oxymoronic collection: hyper technology transformed from the world of transport, mixed with symbols of craftsmanship; different textures; the softness of the skin and warmth of wood opposed to the rigidity of carbon fiber and stone.

The new line dedicated to Castel del Monte was born from raw materials, recycling and a strong sense of belonging to the local territory, tell us what it’s all about.
We didn't want to be influenced by the new Milan styles, we wanted to create a new, creative pole for eyewear in Puglia; in Andria in particular. Our land offers us priceless beauties, such as olive wood, one of the materials used for the creation of our glasses and Castel del Monte, a UNESCO heritage site. We wanted to honour Castel del Monte by creating octagonal steel for the frames, using an antique paint effect and tones with carbon fibre rods encased in wood veneer or stone in colours reminiscent of the antique furnishings of Frederick II. Just like Frederick II who commissioned the Swabian castle, Catuma seeks perfection achieved by a mix of geometry, design and originality.

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