The flavors of March

"As we approach the start of Expo Milano 2015, the artistic palimpsest of March in Expo Gate is entirely dedicated to food and its cultural and symbolic values probed through the languages of literature, film, visual arts and music. Feeding the planet. Energy for life is the claim of Expo, the most waited global event of 2015, which sees as protagonist the food at 360 degrees: not only as a source of livelihood, but also food for the soul. In a country like Italy, food and culture represent two excellences and in Expo Gate we want to bring some experiences that tell how these two dimensions are able to relate with each other producing exciting results."

Space Garibaldi in Expo Gate turns further in an artist's studio. For four weeks, four young talents confront themselves, each with its own language, with the iconography of food.
The works of each artist enliven the workplace to make it, in this way and at the same time, an exhibition space. All under the eyes of the public that has the opportunity to actively participate in workshops and interact with the artists inside the space.

Thomas Braida: brushes, pigments in powder and still life crowd the space inspiring the creativity of the irrepressible painter from Friuli.
Talitha Dittfeld, young photographer, meditates on the nature of the relationship society-food producing two series of photographs that want to invite the viewer to revise the relationship between food and nature. The brief excursus on the arts and food in Expo Gate passes through the sculptures by Benni Bosetto, working with fruit, exploring its forms and then mask them through layers of shiny glaze.
Valerio Rocco Orlando invites the visitors to participate in a workshop-performance for a series of conversations on the individual relationship that each person has with food. Some pieces of furniture make up the intimate ambience of the Milanese artist currently starring in a solo show at Marino Marini museum in Florence.

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