Eataly: the regional cuisine and beyond

Certainly in Italy there are so many places to eat well, but if you want to taste the Sicilian food and at the same time you are in a Emilian cuisine , you can only do that in the space of Eataly by Expo in Milan. 84 restaurants in six months for transform the Italian pavilion into a large regional cuisine. Each month 14 chefs, one per region, with typical dishes, fragrance from originary land and lots of creativity. It begins in May with:

Viviana&Sandra by Alice Restaurant - Milan
 Duvert (Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta)      O Magazin (Liguria) 
 Alice (Lombardia) 
 Trattoria al Pompiere (Veneto)    Altran (Friuli-Venezia Giulia e  Trentino Alto Adige)
 Osteria in Scandiano (Emilia Romagna) 
 Da Burde (Toscana) 
 Ristorante Symposium 4 Stagioni   (Marche e Umbria)
 Borgo Spoltino (Abruzzo e Molise)  Osteria San Cesario (Lazio) 
 Al Convento (Campania) 
 Peppe Zullo (Puglia) 
 Zenzero (Calabria e Basilicata) 
 Letizia Nuxis(Sicilia e Sardegna)

Lucio Pompili by Symposium 4 Stagioni - Pesaro
Each month we update you on the 14 restaurants and their specialties. Also there will be spaces themed,such as the one dedicated to chocolate or pizza and the protection consortiums of tipical products.
Art, design and architecture are combined with food. 

Peppe Zullo - Orsara di Puglia
Only in Italy can be!

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