Modigliani - Le Femmes

Reuniting at the same time and in the same place the complete works by the greatest Italian artist of the 20th century.

In a historical setting like that of Agorà Morelli, in the heart of Naples, until August 9, you can see one of the most fascinating contemporary exhibitions. The occasion is the upcoming centenary of the death of artist Amedeo Modigliani (1920-2020). the Institute, dedicated to him, exhibits a first section of works on the entire artistic production, entirely made with modern technology.
Les Femmes -The exhibition

They are 50 works reproduced digitally, in high definition, with the absolute respect to the size and the original colors.
Enrich and contextualize historically the exhibition over 90 between photos and historical documents, often unpublished, related to his life. Videos, movies, animation in compositing and App, an extraordinary event communication and cultural diffusion that reaches the general public with the new methods applied to the culture.
Agorà Morelli - the Space

until August.09.2015 
Agorà Morelli
Via Domenico Morelli, 61/a, 
80122 Napoli

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