Postcard from Italy - The subterranean lake of ancient Rome

Rome, the Eternal City is waiting to be discovered! Among the lesser known places is the sepulcher submerged, Aulus Hirtius inside the Palace of the Chancellery. casually discovered in 1938, it is now largely submerged Euripus, the canal running through the Campus Martius and flowed into the Tiber. Above the sepulcher they were discovered some relief slabs, the so-called Ara Vicomagistri dating back of Emperor Claudius (41-54d.C.) And the two reliefs of the Chancellery of the time of Domitian (81-96 AD). These works, among the most important of the Roman art, are on display now in the Vatican Museums, while in the palace of the Cancelleria are the plaster casts.

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