Roma, triumphs and laments

A wall 550 meters long and up to 10 meters high which tells the story of Rome. The April 21, 2016, in the Jubilee Year and on the occasion of the Natale di Roma, on the banks of the Tiber between Ponte Sisto and Ponte Mazzini - established for the occasion "Piazza Tevere" - comes a project of exceptional dimensions created specifically for Rome: Triumphs and Laments, the great work of contemporary art of the famous South African artist William Kentridge.

The work, carried out by removing the biological patina by travertine walls that line the riverbank, is made up of about 80 figures symbolizing the main contrasts of history the Eternal City, representing the greatest triumphs and defeats from ancient times to the present day: Romulus who founded Rome and kills Remus , the death of Pasolini, the mythical image of the Trevi Fountain in "La dolce vita" forming a procession of silhouettes.

The frieze will open on the Natale di Roma holiday with the premiere of a theatrical program created by William Kentridge and his frequent collaborator, the internationally acclaimed composer Philip Miller. This once in a lifetime event will feature two processional marching bands — one for the Triumphs, one for Laments –made up of Italian and South African soloists and musicians, and dramatic live shadow play, all performing against the backdrop of the frieze. Over 200 volunteers will join this multicultural ensemble to create a spectacular procession that will animate the work. The program will be performed twice over two days, and will be free and open to the public.

OPENING APRIL 21-22, 2016
Roma, Piazza Tevere

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