ArtAliT : Giancarlo Cauteruccio Interview

photo Guido Mencari |

Giancarlo Cauteruccio is the creator, director and scenographer who curated the exhibition "Theatre Architecture between Myth and Modernity". In his artistic work he has exalted with continuous research on sensory value of the landscape and architecture, considering evolving and always open to useful comparisons to processes that generate the creation of a work of art.

When did you come to this realization? 

The territory has inspired, we could use the beautiful beach of Ali Terme that gave us a magical and mysterious atmosphere that emerged almost as came from the sea. The representation of the relationship between the body and the space has been consolidated from this spell. The space represented by the light that outlines the architectural forms, leads to that rhythm that exists between body and space and through this rhythm and the concept of creativity that has been based throughout the performance. This Eneide not recite dramaturgical texts but let's start creative communication that we know today also be a tool for the future of our youth. I believe that creativity is a boost in order to give a chance to a moment of reflection, personal growth, shaping the behavioral aspects and begets creativity.

What message do you want to do with this new Eneide? 

Besides the spectacular impact, performance, says a possible historical connection. All we've put into the game is actually a continuous mention, a repetition of the historical avant-garde always analyzed the relationship between past and future.

A project that is constant research and use of creativity technology, how is this possible? 

This is the result of an interdisciplinary research that I work for 30 years, linking all the languages of art, from 'architecture to painting, from music to dance, in an imaginative universe. It's all a creative work the result of studies that lead, through experimentation, the definition of architectures of light dynamics that make the theater a new way of perceiving space and body, feeling an active part and so emotionally involved. With the aim of bringing one of the oldest forms of expression such as theater directly in the inhabited places, in the streets and in places where people live everyday.

Giancarlo Cauteruccio was born in Cosenza province, since 1975 lives and works in Florence. Filmmaker, scenographer, actor, Cauteruccio today stands out among the most innovative directors in the Italian theatrical avant-garde. In the province of Florence, where created Krypton company, he is a long time artistic director of the Teatro Studio in Scandicci. He has also teach in Italy and the United States, working with the Meridiana Editions, and professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence. He has curated research laboratories for university students on methodologies and techniques for urban event project addressing issues such as the experimentation of lighting systems, technological mechanisms applied to the performing arts aimed at the realization of stage events in the urban space.

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