ArtAliT, the sounds of soul

In addition to theater-architectural project  in Ali Terme, with music and dance and their extraordinary impact, they had the participation and involvement of many young people of the city. An event that has created synergies in order to create a new and original contemporary music. The workshop with the professor of Percussion Instruments Maria Grazia Armaleo, and his method "New teaching of rhythm - body percussion". This has made possible the interest of the young participants, both for music that rhythm, in a whole new way, and it is supposed to be helpful, pleasant and fun, using body language to develop creative skills, communication and expression, through a totally innovative and exciting educational experience. It is all based on strong rhythms, insistent, spontaneous and natural, blended with old and new sounds, such as to generate an alchemy between different cultures and musical traditions with energetic vibrations that bring in those original rhythms of the territory.  At the center of a circle of sound, listener makes an inner journey that brings to old memories, forgotten, lost in intimate emotions that go beyond the boundaries of time and space. The educational workshop was held in several stages with spaces and a set timetable, working in a group with special attention to the space devoted to children and young people, the latter are engaged in the reading of a repertoire, original and stimulating. The laboratories have participated in many, with involvement and enthusiasm, ending with a concert in Piazza Nino Prestia, where they performed young Sicilian musicians groups. The contemporary repertoire, so extraordinary and eclectic, was composed of a mix of elements that affected the movement with the use of the body as a musical instrument, from which the name "Body Percussion" and the instruments of Afro-American tradition. So between ethnic percussion, frame drums, sound objects, verbal scanning, voice and improvisation  the concert has excited all the audience present.

In conclusion of the event program ArtAlit: ceramic art, one of the most ancient Sicilian craftsmanship known throughout the world. Sculptures, reliefs, vases, containers, objects related to everyday life, decorative panels, small sculptures; are just some of the work that the Master Alfio Busà explained to citizens intervened in educational workshop which was held in three meetings.  During the workshop Alfio Busà explained the features and basic techniques of ceramics and directed the participants to a personal journey deepening the different aspects of ceramic technique, from handling to decoration, thus giving the opportunity to everyone to discover their creative talent. The route was then deepened, with the manipulation of clay, faced as art and immediate release, which has given way to creativity and instinct of everyone, but he also did discover many types of clays, different in color, texture and grain. Ending with learning different techniques of modeling and decorating, getting in touch more deeply with the manual and therefore regain their body perception. A laboratory that has highlighted the need to understand and know each other through creativity, where matter and its functionality can be reappropriated by a capacity and of which the fruit coincides with the processing of personal experience.

The cycle of events and workshops included in ARTALIT program became an opportunity for the community and welcoming, with a comparison between history and modernity, but also an occasion for cultural knowledge to the new generations, who have had the opportunity to participate in workshops dedicated to architecture, art and music, bringing with them their creativity and learning in a new way the cultures and traditions that history has bequeathed to us.

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