Dome lamp, light sculpture

Benedetta Tagliabue has designed a new pendant lamp called Dome for the Spanish lighting company Bover.

Dome is a lamp inspired by the domes of the Renaissance.
In a journey through time, and by revisiting the history of architecture, by reference to the Basilica Mercè in Barcelona, the Pantheon in Rome, the dome Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and dome of St. George in Venice.

A sculpture more or less static, depending on the light received.

With DOME it was decided to take the light out of the object so it becomes a light sculpture designed to receive and emit a delicate light, a play of shadows and nuances that enrich the space for which they were created. Developing this project has allowed to reflect on the art of lighting, on how to reinterpret light and on the creation of products with a more artistic approach and a less industrial look. These light sculptures are completely handmade and they are entirely produced by the Bover Barcelona HQ. More than 170 big and small wood fragments are wisely intertwined and sewed one by one to end up in such a jigsaw puzzle.

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Dome lamp
Benedetta Tagliabue

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