Extra Umbria: our guide to exclusive activities of the territory

"This is the Umbria I would like to have:  a creative Umbria, transforming traditions into innovations, and taking the opportunity to produce them where there is a demand.  A region made up of young people full of positive energy, looking forward to the future while tied to their origins.  An Umbria devoid of the rules that make it seem to be a static, dormant, satisfied region.  Here there are the results of a year spent in becoming acquainted, step by step, meter after meter, with every hidden corner of this territory.  For those who, like me, do not accept simple appearances, I want to recommend all the following.  It is a means for getting to know the people who put into their work something extra, something extraordinary.  You will be seduced by the flavors and scents of the Umbrian traditions through the activities I have selected for you.  You must go and discover them, spend time with them, obtaining new stories while savoring its delights and, above all, feeling moved by them. It will be like visiting a new country a hundred times over, a place rich in charm and people whom you will never be able to forget!" (the author Paola Butera)

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