A perfume that reminds us of Umbria

Between art and design, Pomi d’Umbria is a refined ambiance fragrance that triggers your olfactory memory offering you a moving sensorial emotion so that you can live once more those pathways so dear to you.

A sensorial experience of quality further enriched by the ceramic caps that recall the shapes of the three ancient fruits of Umbria: The Monteleone Pear, the Conventina Apple and the Merangola. 

A ceramic design accessory completely hand made by expert ceramic craftsmen of Umbria using an ancient manufacturing technique, in which the ceramist hand prints on a cast made of chalk. None of these ceramic keepsakes are similar to each other, each one is individual to itself in such a way that each Pome represents a unique piece that exalts the love for “Made in Italy”.

All of this is nice to look at, great to smell!

for more information:
Pomi d'Umbria

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