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As every year Dupont Corian® has featured prominently at the London Design Festival  especially when a dynamic design also involves direct public interaction, thus demanding both robust performance and striking beauty. This year sees new projects in Corian® by emerging talent and the return of key pieces designed to make the Victoria and Albert Museum hub welcoming and informative for the vast number of Festival visitors.

Shapescape by Kangan Arora  
A 25 metre facade and show signage for the London Design Fair as a ‘Shapescape’ comprising various materials and surfaces, including multiple elements in Corian® to greet the 25,000 design aficionados who visited the show over four days. Kangan Arora chose Corian® and has fully exploited the material’s formability to create a range of intruging shapes and patterns. 
100% Design Modular Bar by Studio Glowacka 
While the Studio Glowacka have come up Modular Bar, a clever concept for the main bar at 100% Design, in the form of a modular system that can be re-used by show organisers Media 10 for this and other events. Maximising the natural advantages of the hexagon, both aesthetic and practical, they have created 5 separate modules based around an aluminum frame with a birch ply skirt, concealed fixings and countertop elements made from Corian® in Juniper (one of the new Earth Heritage colours.) 
ISLE by LORIS&LIVIA, a pop-up shop for the London Design Festival in the V&A
Corian® has enjoyed a long and creative relationship with the Victoria and Albert Museum and is featured permanently in the Architecture Galleries, in the Café and further installations and facilities. The advanced surface also forms the LDF temporary design store. Created in partnership with the V&A, the stand-alone display is located within the museum’s permanent shop and sells a specially created collection of souvenirs celebrating the capital.  ‘Isle’ is designed by Loris&Livia, Swiss-born design duo, who have maximised the material to bring a distinctive form to the display. An intriguingly shaped, multi-level unit with integrated lighting, the display system is seamlessly wrapped in Corian® in the Mint Ice colour. 
The Louvres Desk design by Giles Miller Studio for the London Design 
For "Louvre LDF Information Desk" taking classic louvre slats as inspiration, Giles Miller Studio have generated panels with various levels of directional reflection inlaid into the surface.  The panels interplay with the light depending on their orientation and the effect is beautifully fulfilled in this dazzling display of geometric reflection. The depth of texture in the design is enhanced, a profoundly dark and rich shade of black  which enables deeper, more intense and more durable hues, with easier fabrication and improved resistance to wear.

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