The BOX in Milan

Is born in Milan The Box, content /container for a new way of thinking about design and its creation.

A dynamic and hybrid space, where the container becomes content and vice versa. The skills and the tools at disposal are integrated with the space itself. The outer box is thus the manifesto of what The Box offers as content. A careful selection of suppliers and partners, allows The Box to offer full-fledged projects to companies and individuals, from design to the architectural creation, construction and engineering, from the availability and supply of furnishings and decor to customized production.

Located in a 18th-century building in the heart of Milan, The BOX is a space covering 200sqm that is accessible from the front courtyard where major redevelopment work has been done, while respecting the pre-existing period features.

The project was conceived and coordinated by the architect Cristian Minerva and combines the tailored quality of wood and metal craft works, the unusual application of industrial products and the careful choice of furnishings, finishes and accessories in partnership with Studiopepe for Spotti.

Furthermore The Box works together on individual projects on a commission basis, reflect the concept and share its philosophy with companies such as Arper, Kerakoll Design House, Oikos, USM Modular Furniture. Complete the project an installation by designer Paolo Gonzato that has created site-specific wall painting, an installation created with colors and materials of the place.

The Box
Piazza Bertarelli 4
20122 Milano

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