Words, words, words...tribute to Italian music by Enrico Benetta

Starts the festival of Italian song in Sanremo, and to accompany The kermesse are the artistic works of Enrico Benetta. Dedicated to the music, the artistic event is titled Parole Note (Words known)

Opening Sunday, February 5 in the outer space of the Municipal Casino of Sanremo. Who will walk in the city of music, will see the artist's works dialogue with the streets and squares of Sanremo, during the popular festival: one big white hourglass in the entrance of the Teatro Ariston, one cello of five meters in Matteotti street, four big Thonet chairs and music stands in the spaces in front of Santa Tecla, the arches, notes and musical keys in front of the Casino, and end a tribute to Luigi Tenco, 50 years after his tragic death: five drops of steel, suspended in air, to Club Tenco, where the singers will come together for the "After Festival".

Curated by Daniela Del Moro
Main Sponsor - Fabrizio Russo Gallery - Roma

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