domenica 19 marzo 2017

Apulia, a luxury farm-hotel dipped in the Mediterranean scrub

Schiattarella Associati signs the restoration and extension works of Masserie Maresca.
© Antonio Fatano
Masseria Grottone, part of Masserie Maresca Farm-Hotel, built between 1812 and 1860 is an agricultural complex a few miles away from Ostuni. Dipped in 40 acres of centenary olive trees and Mediterranean scrub: a natural context of extraordinary richness.

© Antonio Fatano
Abandoned for several years, the recovery of the historical building has taken into consideration the respectful restoration of volumes and vaulted spaces, in order to preserve its original features in addition to the realization of new expressly contemporary elements that are discreetly placed next to the main structure. Expansion has enabled to build services in the rooms at ground level without modifying the existing structure. The new building, placed in a position not visible from the main entrance, thanks to a high dry stone wall, doesn’t change the overall perception of the historical structure.

© Antonio Fatano
Interiors are intentionally bare and just cleansed: nature with its mighty and thousand-year old olive trees in the surrounding area is the real treasure. Minimal design for furniture, local finishing material, as the Trani stone, are the frame.

© Antonio Fatano
Schiattarella Associati commits to develop a concept of responsible restoration fully respecting history and nature. An intervention that restates your vision: an act of responsibility towards the community, where each structural, formal and stylistic innovation, is always addressed to improve experience and relationship inside architectural and urban projects, always respecting context and history in which they are embedded.

Today the estate is a luxury farm-resort with 10 rooms, a garden, a swimming-pool, a patio and a solarium.

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