MDW - Gravity, Messages from Earth

Gravity is a system capable of "dressing" environment, giving them spatiality and comfort through a wooden structure that can wear embroidered fabrics. The English word "Gravity" defines both the Force of Gravity and the Austerity status that the recent earthquake imposed in Ascoli Piceno and its surrounding areas, where Graziano Ricami headquarters are.

Graziano Ricami is a company  of worldwide excellence in haute couture embroidery, and  in the Gravity project, he involved the designer Riccardo Diotallevi and the sculptor Giuliano Giuliani with a big team from Marche Region.

The embroidery, in the pannels fabric, consist graphically in a seismogram, the record of telluric oscillations as a function of time. In the middle of the installation, the Giuliano Giuliani light and sharp scultures, testifying precariousness through the use of local stone: the travertine.

The Mother Earth negative message has been interpreted as a generation of a new positive energy that moves people souls towards a value creating approach. Gravity is an experimentation, an artistic research that aspire to communicate how creativity and know-how are able to activate social dynamics even to overcome adversities.


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