MDW - Italian style around wine

It seems a simple cup for wine, "gira e rigira" is a unique glass to taste wine in a new way. It is the latest patented invention of Vetrerie di Empoli, presented at the Milan Furniture Fair with a video shot by Oliviero Toscani.

The glass oscillates through a ball bearing, with a light touch it brings out the light, the smell and color of the wine.

Also a high innovative craft is the gift box for wine "Scrinium of Sense," presented by Fa.Si. Joinery, during Fuorifiera.

Designed by Elisabetta Furin, the precious gift box has been proposed in ash wood, olive wood and walnut wood with the replaceable cap, cork or natural and white thermo-treated wood, and perforated pattern with transparent effect. 

Feature of Scrinium of Sense is the modularity and reuse. The gift box becomes a candle holder, a lamp or a vase for flowers to be used for romantic dinners. The box can be customized both in the wood essence and in the composition.

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